Tackling Climate Change


The story: Funding data on climate change is available openly but not easily readable for the public.

Project idea: The aim of our project is to explore, based on open data-sets, areas where climate finance is injected most and whether these areas are vulnerable and most deserving of these resources. We will zoom in on vulnerability at the country level and further dig deeper to find most vulnerable sectors and juxtapose to areas where finance has flowed to in the past. These findings will spark a conversation among all stakeholders on the direction and manner of communication for climate finance. Overall, this project would inform how governments, organizations and individuals can channel resources in making data-driven decisions on financing climate mitigation and adaptation measures to where the planet needs it the most.

Data-sets used

  1. UNFCCC - Global Environment Facility Fund, Least Developed Countries Fund & Special Climate Change Fund
  2. World Bank - Vulnerability indices

Challenge relevance

  • Communication of financial data to the public

Team members and roles

  1. Luisa Krawczyk - Data Analyst
  2. Mona Schirmer - Visualization Expert
  3. Youssef Dhaoui Chouaieb - Data Scientist
  4. Pierre Chen - Data Scientist
  5. Ada Tapily - Programmer
  6. Jamila Farouk Jawula - Comms and Project Coordinator

Slide deck: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1-M7X7SJTWS2GyWyrK-mOTsxw0lt5IckBlRQCUs8GqR8/edit?usp=sharing


The link to our R code creating the maps:



Elements of our website:



The index map showing countries that lack funds in dark grey


A list of country and sector specific NGOs is included in the website.
The idea is to facilitate engagement and to make NGOs working on adaption to climate change more visible


Hello guys,

Do you have a repository available for your project or is it only on google drive?