Open Fair Market Paris 2024


Fair open market for O.G. contracts

SME tinder for contracts

Challenge relevance : Transparency of major international event budgets

Project idea (elevator pitch)

Open Fair Market Paris 2024 is an open space to help facilitate and provide SME’s with the best opportunities to win contracts for the Paris 2024 olympics. Through a single, accessible, and frictionless space, both suppliers and buyers can share, analyse both public and private procurement opportunities. It will also help to foster and shift the dynamic between suppliers and buyers through social solidarity and feedback loops. It will also provide SMEs with the necessary insights, information and tools to be better prepared for the tender process.

This will not in any means replace existing procurement systems or replace current procedures but rather aggregate, improve and complete a data landscape that lacks consistency in data collection and identification.

The story behind the project

The project’s original title was Venue Contract Transparency & Enabling Small to Medium Businesses to Participate in Paris 2024. The idea was to map out what is necessary to link contract data for Paris2024 for SOLIDEO venue & amp; village building expenditures to suppliers and, if available, Beneficial Ownership registers. Also, determining what would be required in the design of contracts to enable Small to Medium sized businesses to participate and to track their involvement through out process was a key goal. Eventually, a mock OCDS dataset for Paris2024 would have been created to illustrate value.

Available datasets used

Various preexisting French markets, such as maximilien.


Notes & rough drafts (Sunday & Monday)