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French Digiwhist data

DIGIWHIST’s goal is simultaneously to increase trust in governments and improve the efficiency of public spending across Europe. It will do this through the systematic collection, structuring, analysis, and broad dissemination of information on public procurement and on mechanisms that increase accountability of public officials in all EU and some neighbouring countries.

The project will compile and evaluate micro-level data using information from individual public procurement transactions and winning firms’ finance and ownership structures. This data will be linked to information on aggregate asset and income declarations data in order to detect potential conflicts of interest in the system of public procurement, and more specifically, to identify systemic vulnerabilities in the respective legislations and their implementation. Data is available in OCDS JSON format and Digiwhist JSON/CSV formats

The Open Tender platform allows you to search and analyse tender data from 33 jurisdictions (28 EU member states, Norway, the EU Institutions, Iceland, Switzerland, Georgia).

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French procurement open data

Link:és+publics is an open database of company data, including French companies, which provides an Open Refine reconciliation API for matching company names in other datasets to legal corporate entities in OpenCorporates provides a list of organization registers for companies, government, charities etc. There are currently no entries for France, please propose an entry!