Open Contracting and OCDS tools and visualizations


Open Contracting Tools Directory

We use AirTable to keep track of software tools that create, use, visualise and analyse open contracting data. We include tools that can act as inspiration when creating new open contracting projects or platforms, as well as re-usable tools and open source code which can be taken as a starting point for new projects.


OCDS Templates

Technical assessment template, for scoping existing sources and systems for managing contracting data

Field level mapping template, for mapping data in existing datasets or system to OCDS

Tools for downloading, storing and preparing OCDS data for analysis

OCDS Kingfisher (download, store and analyse OCDS data in a postgreSQL database)

Flatten tool (round trip OCDS data between JSON and CSV/spreadsheet formats)

OCDS tabulate (create a relational database from OCDS JSON data)

OCDS show (visually explore a single OCDS release or record in a web interface)

OCDSkit (a suite of command line tools for manipulating OCDS data)

Examples of Visualizations

This presentation offers examples of amazing open contracting visualisations and tools, that can serve as inspiration during the hackathon (and beyond!) These are categorized by type, including dashboards, red flaging tools, civil society monitoring platforms, and more.

2018 Buenos Aires Youth Olympics Visualization

An innovative tool for sharing information both on the legacy of the Youth Olympic Games and also on contracting. The developers mapped all expenses related to the organization of the Games, including awardees of contracts, contracting mechanisms (direct award, open bids, etc.), etc. (In Spanish)

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