Objectives of the hackathon


The Paris Peace Forum is a global event focused on five areas of global governance : peace and security,
environment, development, new technologies and inclusive economy.

The hackathon is a key part of the Paris Peace Forum as it allows members of the global civil society in all its
diversity of origins and profiles, to develop innovative solutions which could lead the way in the future for
addressing the issue of global governance. The Forum is composed of a space for debate where ideas and
initiatives are discussed, a space for solutions where participants can discover projects and the space for innovation hosting an annual hackathon on global governance issues. This hackathon is unique for
such an international meeting!

The hackathon will also harness open data to address some specific issues linked to the Paris Peace Forum
issues. So many open datasets are available online, this hackathon will be a unique occasion to gather diverse teams who will imagine new ways of analyzing, visualizing and developing services based on data released by governmental institutions, international organisations, companies or civil society organisations.

As the Paris Peace Forum has a special emphasis on civil society innovative initiatives, the hackathon will create a space where diverse participants will meet and share their knowledge to address key issues in financial data transparency > https://hackathon.parispeaceforum.org/c/challenges

After three days of work together, we hope to build links and a network which will continue to innovate together
long after the Forum!