Making contracted companies traceable


Making contracted companies traceable

Project idea

Match companies’ IDs in national statistics with procurement data of international organisations.

The story behind the project

OpenMultilaterals has done a terrific job scraping and synthesising procurement data of international organisations. For all contracted companies, we know at least the name and the country of origin. To do a proper analysis, though, it would be useful to complement this information with other firm-level data.
Drawing from the OpenCorporates database, we intend to match the name and the country of the contracted companies with their ID in national statistics. In this way, we can put at the disposal of interested users a tool to link procurement data of international organisations to firm-level data in national statistics.

Available datasets used


Challenge relevance

  • Transparency of international organizations budgets


Ongoing work: after having obtained access to OpenCoroprates’ APIs, we are trying to reconcile the names of contracted companies provided by OpenMultilaterals using a web tool called Google Refine


Provisional results {
Nato: 50%,
World Bank procurement database:65%}

We could do more but scraping takes time…


Business Architechture


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