Make animated GIFs of your projects!



@Avaugoux just had a good idea for presenting your projects over social media. Could please make an animated GIF for each group showing the actual project you are developing? This is meant to avoid having only pictures of people working with their laptops :slight_smile:

To help with this, here are some solutions to make animated GIFs:

On a mac

Giphy Capture

Free, easy to use
Download on the Map App Store:


Download here:
Free download but also a paid version at 5USD, I don’t know the added features of the paid version

On a PC


Free and seems easy:

Record It

Free as well:

On Linux

Here is a list of GIFs screen recording tools:



You are coding? exploring a dataset? designing an interface? writing documentation?

Just show it with an animated GIF!

We will reuse the best of them on the Paris Peace Forum social media pages to illustrate the progress of your projects!