Le Porte (Fairplay) COJO 2024 Notes


Early discussion of problem definition:

  1.   What are the expectations of the public in terms of the transparency?
  2.   Tracking and supporting MeeBeeWeeBees and SMEs. What are policies, procedures and data for helping SMEs. Thinking about training and outreach.
  3.   Explaining specific tender processes related to the Olympics  
  4.   Explaining some of the economic decisions and baselining: ie. inflation of 6 years to 2024 will already inflate the costs.
  5.   Planning for and explaining the flows public and private money.  
  6.   Planning and consultation on urban renewal, esp citizen outreach to make the plans as sustainable and as added value as possible.

Project title.
Giving SME and Social Solidarity businesses the best opportunity to win contracts for the Paris 2024 olympics by creating a single, accessible ‘place’ for sharing, awarding and analysing public and private procurement opportunities.

General Qs:
What public and private money will go in. A lot of Olympics, esp from COJO will be private.
What time will you open the information? Maybe not during the bidding process.
What kind of progressive sharing can we think of that doesn’t jeopardise the actual specific award process.
Residents and others from Saint Denis want to examine specific projects and investments.
Very important that Olympic entities will have to follow the French government rules. For all contracts above E25,000.
There are already contracts that have been signed, E10m of contracts by COJO.

Specific Qs to SMEs
Is there an ID of SMEs? Yes, S and M. Look that up and find out.