Introduce yourself here!


Hey there!

The reading of your posts put sparkles in my eyes and sun in my heart. I am really eager to know more about you and your amazing jobs!

I am happy to see that we all come from different backgrounds. For my part, I am a final year Master student at ESSEC and ENSAE.

My chosen field for the past 2 years has been public debt management, government debt and risk management.

My favorite challenge is Communication of financial data to the public.

See you soon!



Bonjour à vous tous ! Looking forward to seeing you all in just a few days.

I’m Carey, Head of Country Programs at the Open Contracting Partnership, coming from Washington, DC (via many stops in between.)

We work with cities and countries around the world on opening up their contracting processes, disclosing and using information to ultimately ensure that money is spent fairly and effectively. In the context of this hackathon, we’ll be digging into information and systems related to major events budgets, looking in particular at the Paris 2024 Olympics. I hope lots of you will join us to think through this!

A très vite,


Hello every one!
My name is Zoé and I am second-year student at ENSAE school. My favourite working topic is global health but I am also keen on economic and financial subjects and that’s why I wanted to participate to this challenge! I must admit I an not a professional in Python but my skills are correct, and you can count on my expertise in statistics and economics!

Communication of financial data to the public and transparency on budget are both challenges that interest me a lot!

I am looking forward meeting all of you!


Hi everyone,

I am Samuel. You will me know me for sure because I will facilitate the hackathon with @CecileLG, @Avaugoux and all our amazing mentors. I am so glad to start to finally get to know all of you and I look forward meeting you on Sunday for 3 extraordinary days!

I am the co-founder of Datactivist, a cooperative company supporting open data projects. We’ve worked with the Paris Peace Forum for the last three months on setting up this hackathon and we are really impatient to meet such a brillant crowd of mentors and participants.

I am a researcher in sociology on open data, studying especially how open data is produced behind the scene and I am the co-founder and board member with @CecileLG of Open Knowledge France.

Outside of that, I come for Burgundy, live in the south of France in sunny Aix-en-Provence but actually I am very often in Paris for work. I am passionate about open data obviously, food, bikes, mountains and pizzas :wink:

I look forward meeting all of you on Sunday and I wish you have a nice trip to Paris before that !


Hello to everyone,

I hope you are all well, and excited about the event. My name is Kate and I am the Art Director at Beyond Words Studio, which is a design studio based in London that creates narratives through data visualisations.

I will be participating as a mentor at the hackathon. I look forward meeting you all on Sunday and helping out as much as I can. :slight_smile:


Hey everyone!

I’m Jamie, and I’m a senior designer at Beyond Words Studio also.

I’ll be participating as a mentor during the hackathon and am a big fan of coming up with unique/different ways that we can visualize data while still keeping true to the story and challenges. Can’t wait to see the ideas for the challenges come to life!

Look forward to meeting you all :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,

I am Marc Reverdin, Secretary General of the Paris Peace Forum Association. You will meet me several times during the hackathon, I will moderate the wrap-up session in the Agora the final day and I will pass by the hackathon space several to see how your projects go forward! In the last months I helped put together the hackathon with @CecileLG, @Avaugoux and @samgoeta. We are very grateful to have all of you for the first Paris Peace Forum. I look forward discovering your ideas coming to life and I wish you a nice trip!


Hello everyone !

My name is Marie and I am from France. I am currently in first year of Master’s Degree at the engineering school ENSAE Paris Tech.

During this hackathon, I could bring my programming skills, especially in Python.

Generally speaking, I love financial economics. But I must admit that my favorite challenge is « Communication of Financial data to the public ».

I think that my special superpower is my positivity: even if a situation seems to be blocked, I can stay very patient so as to find a solution!

See you soon! :slight_smile:


Hi everyone!

I’m Chloe, and I’m a 20-year-old student, currently doing an engineering master’s degree in Economic and Statistics at ENSAE Paristech. I’d like to specialize in programming and Data Science, and potentially work in an international (financial?) institution. I’m new to financial transparency but I’m curious and enthusiastic to learn more about it!

The skills I could bring during this challenge are mostly my programming skills (particularly in Python).

My favorite challenge is communication of Financial Data to the public, as I’m really interested in climate change issue, but also Transparency of Major International Events Budget.

Looking forward to see you all tomorow! :blush:


Hi All!

I am Sicco van Sas and I am the challenge representative/mentor of the Transparency of International Organisations Budgets challenge for which we will use the data of the Open Multilaterals project. I have a BSc and MSc in artificial intelligence from the University of Amsterdam. I am a developer for the Open State Foundation, an organization that works on digital transparency by opening up public information as open data and making it accessible for re-users.

I look forward to work with this diverse and talented group of people during the coming days! If you have any questions regarding the challenge or the Open Multilaterals project/data, don’t hesitate to ask :slight_smile:


Hello everybody,

I’m a French student in final year at ENSAE ParisTech, I’m really interested in economics and policy issues. That’s why I would like to work in public administration after university.

During my gap year, I was lucky to work with the French Ministry of Finance on a policy evaluation using econometrics. Then I also developed a strong interest in public finance by working with the Court of Auditors on a annual report dealing with the French government budget.

I think the idea to use science for serving general interest brings us together.

I really enjoyed reading your presentations and I can’t wait to meet you all.


Guillaume Bove



I’m Elie Gerschel, a French student in the last year of my master in Statistics and Economics in ENSAE ParisTech (just like many people here :wink:). I am fond of science and whatever types of knowledge that can help us improve the world we live in. So, when data science can form an alliance with economics and politics, I’m always in! I am new to transparency, but I can see how big the outcome can be, from my experience on both administrative data and online data.

I have learnt at the World Bank how productive an international environment can be, so I’m sure to be inspired by the talks we will have, and confident that all projects can make a leap forward!

See you soon,



Hi everyone!

My name is Syrine and I’m from Tunisia! I am currently studying at Sciences Po’s law school :slight_smile:
I am very interested in IT law, IA and its implications.

In the last two years, I had the opportunity to intern at the International Peace Institute and as a legal intern, I worked at a fintech startup. While this first experience made me very aware of the need for international organizations to be more transparent with their budgets, the second one actually made me very interested in coding and I have been teaching myself Python since then!

My favorite challenges are “Transparency of International Organizations Budgets” and “Communication of Financial data to the public”.

Can’t wait to meet you all on Sunday! :wink:


Hi everyone!
My name is Ryme and I am from Morocco. I am a dual degree student at Telecom SudParis & ENSAE Paris Tech. I’m curious about open data and new to financial transparency but enthusiastic to learn more about it! I am very excited to take part in such an interesting event on an international scale. I have worked on several data-oriented projects which allowed me to improve my data analysis skills in Python and apply them to a variety of domains (health, marketing, sentiment analysis…).
Looking forward to meeting you all!


Hello everyone!

I’m Mona, an Economics and Data Science student from Germany currently studying at ENSAE Paris Tech and Humboldt University Berlin. My main expertise to bring in for this Hackathon is Data Analysis and Python programming.

I think it is fascinating how the development in Data Science, in recent time can facilitate the work of international governmental and aid organisations and I would like to work as a Data Scientist in this context in the future. I’m new to transparency, but eager to work with you on finding new solutions! My favourite challenge is communication of Financial

Looking forward to meet you tomorrow and work with you on these exciting challenges!


Hello Everybody!

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying Paris!

I’m Ameera and I’m from Qatar. I graduated recently from Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburrgh and I studied Information System. Im working as a Full stack developer and I have a background in design also.

The challenges proposed in this hackathon are really interesting and Im keen on tackling Transparency of International Organizations Budgets topic because I can relate to this challenge since Qatar is hosting the 2022 world cup and they are facing similar challenges.

Can’t wait to meet and share ideas with all of you :slight_smile:

See you Tomorrow!


Hello everyone!

I am Madeleine, a Cameroonian freelance Data Journalist. Since 2016, I am one of the participants of the Open Data Media Project led by CFI Medias in French-speaking Africa.
I am very excited to join you all for this Paris Peace Forum Hackathon. I am always happy to work and report on environment, climate change and human rights.

“Communication of Financial data to the public” is my favorite challenge.

Looking forward to see you!



Hi there!

My name is Michele (please mind that the name is misleading: I’m actually a guy :grin: ) and I am pursuing a Master’s degree in International Economic Policy at Sciences Po Paris.

I consider myself a data nerd, and in all my work experiences (among others: Deutsche Bundesbank, Centre for European Economic Research of Mannheim, cf. Linkedin) I was mainly involved with data management, elaboration and analysis.

The skills I could bring to the Hackathon are thus my practical experience on how to construct and maintain functioning and readily-usable datasets, as well as the knowledge of the international financial sector and its actors.

My favourite challenges are (I’m still undecided on whoch I’ll pick):

  • Transparency of International Organisations Budgets
  • Transparency of Public Procurement Procedures

I can’t wait to do some good idea-hacking together with you!
See you soon