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Hello all!

Welcome to the Paris Peace Forum hackathon community hub!

Introduce yourself to the group on this thread:

  • We are coming from various countries and backgrounds, tell us a little bit about yourself!
  • What’s the main skill you want to use during the event?
  • What’s your favorite challenge?
  • What’s your special superpower?



Hello everyone,

Let’s start :sunny:

I’m Alexandre, digital communication and Innovation officer at the Paris Peace Forum Association :slight_smile:

I’m curious about open data and new to the transparency of financial data field! I will be the general coordinator for the hackathon working along the facilitators: Cécile, Samuel and production team: Arthur and Julien!

To find out more about me >

Looking forward meeting you all on Sunday!


Hi everyone !

My name is Clara, and I’m a second year master student at Sciences Po. My broad field of interest is metropolitan governance, but I’ve recently been captivated by the potentials offered by open data for increasing the efficiency of urban services and making governments more accountable. Finding solutions to promote transparency of financial data at other levels will thus enable me to get a new perspective on the subject and learn a lot ! :slight_smile:

The skills I could bring during the challenge are eventually my broad socio-political understanding the data and of their management process, as well as some mapping and data analysis skills.

My favorite challenge is Transparency of Major International Events Budgets

My special superpower: Keeping a suuuper moood even when work is getting hard ! :sunny:

Can’t wait to see you all on sundayy ! xx


Dear All,

Very excited to take part in this Forum and to be part of the working group during the Hackathon. My name is Iman Al Hindawi and I am an expert in Management of not-for Profit Organizations | Arts & Culture | Events Management & | Philanthropy. I have spent the past 30 years working in the field across the Arab world, MENA region, USA and Europe .


Hi everyone,

I am Ayomide. I am a Research Analyst at BudgIT Foundation. I was the Communications Lead at BudgIT and currently the National Coordinator for Open Alliance in Nigeria.

My interest is very much in open data, how to better communicate financial data to the public (especially to people who do not have access to the internet) to improve the advocacy for transparency and accountably in government.

Hoping to see you all on Sunday.:grin:


Hello everyone!

My name is Michael, I’m the Head of Design at DATA4CHAN.GE a non profit organisation in London that helps civil society organisations create data driven advocacy campaigns.

I’m super interested in how we can take data driven insights to create design and campaigns to facilitate change. I’m super interested how we can as a multidisciplinary field can collaborate to help people live and experience data beyond basic visual means. More info and history here:

I’ll be participating as a mentor during the hackathon. I really look forward to sharing what I can and helping you all solve and tackle some of the issues we’ll be dealing with.

I’m a big fan of discovering unlikely connections. Looking forward to meeting everyone on sunday.


Dear All,

I am Segun Adeniyi. I am the Creative Lead at BudgIT Foundation. As the pioneering lead and head for the Creative Design department at BudgIT Foundation, I have created over 1200 infographics and documents on complex fiscal, budgetary, extractive, education, health and financial data more digestible for millions of Nigerians.

I more interested in how to communicate more complex financial data to the public and more especially to remote areas to promote transparency and accountability in government.

Looking forward to meeting you all.


Hi everyone !

My name is Hamza, and I’m in my last year of software engineering degree.
I’m currenly working remotely as a Data Science Engineer for a startup based in the US.

The skills I could bring during the challenge are eventually my Software engineering and Data Science skills/experience.
My Super power is problem solving and competitive programming that taught me the ability of working under pressure with a team, I’ve participated during the past few years also in several national and international competions such as ACM ACPC and Google codeJam/Hash Code etc .

My favorite challenge is Transparency of Major International Events Budgets


Hello everyone!

My name is Selma, I am Moroccan and I am actually in a double degree with HEC Paris and ENSAE Paristech. My engineering studies in ENSAE Paristech gave me a strong technical and mathematical background. This is why I chose do drive my first internships into data-oriented firms where I improved my data analysis skills, mostly on Python (Pandas, Numpy…). HEC Paris helped me to develop my managerial and business skills and to work in a team.

I am a very hard worker girl, but I always keep a super mood no matter what, and I hope I can bring some Moroccan sun to my team :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see you all!


Hello everyone,

I am Dele Bakare. CEO/CTO at Findworka.

I am driven by the need to help ambitious companies and NGOs succeed by building and scaling their technology. I take pride in helping business owners save cost and increase revenue by optimizing their operations through technology.

I am super interested in fiscal transparency, open government and data generally. I have been opportuned to build high governance tools for BudgIT, OpenSociety, Cleen Foundation, USAID and many more.

Look forward to meeting you all at the hackathon. Cheers


Hello everybody,

I’m a French/American duel citizen and first year student at ENSAE ParisTech. I’m interested in data science, machine learning and international financial institutions, but honestly new to financial data transparency.

I want to use my communication and — albeit far from excellent — programming skills, in Python especially. My favorite challenges are the ones that require an unusual amount of creativity, but hunting for bugs in code is a close second :wink:. I’ll just skip the superpower.

Looking forward to working and learning with you all!


Hello everyone! My name is Jeff. I began practicing law in 1977.As an international lawyer representing small businesses throughout the world, I saw the need and began to write and speak on the need to bring the rule of law to a global level, especially once the Internet became available commercially in 1993. I have written on both the procedures needed to build private international legal systems as well as the opportunities to use technology to expand human rights and access to justice. I have continued my work on access to justice through technology in the decades since I pioneered this field, through my private practice, my continued active membership in the American Bar Association, and through my founding of Internet Bar Organization in 2005 to carry forth the mission of increasing access to justice through technology to support human rights.

I am currently leading online legal projects for private businesses, environmental action organizations, human rights organizations, and more. I am member of the bar of Massachusetts and the District of Columbia and a certified mediator in the state of Texas.


Salut everyone!

My name is Tina and I am from Austria. I studied Business in Vienna and currently I am studying my Master’s in International Economic Policy at Sciences Po. I am a big data and artificial intelligence enthusiast. What’s keeping me sleepless at night is the question of how to use AI for countries’ development and sustainability needs.

In the last year I worked in the data analytics department of an audit firm. Therefore, I want to apply my big data and business skills, but also bring my work experience with developing countries.
My favourite challenges are Communication of Financial data to the public and Transparency of International Organisations Budgets.

You could say that I have the powers of a cameleon: I can quickly adapt and engage myself to any new situation or challenge.

Looking forward to creative and fruitful days!


Hello everyone,

I’m Romain, Chief Open Data Officer at Etalab, french prime minister service in charge of open data, open gov and data flow policy.
I’m working on public procurement transparency and will be mentor on the challenge “How can the essential data of public procurement allow economic operators easier access to public market?
Looking forward to working with you !



my name is Francesco, I am in charge of Financial Data Publication for the World Bank Group and I will be presenting and mentoring the challenge on climate finance:
Can we provide a richer, more detailed and up-to-date understanding of climate finance commitments and spending by countries and donors around the world?”.

I have several years of experience in financial data publication and financial transparency, and I really like data… and hackathons!

Looking forward to meet you in person and work with you!


Hi everyone !

My name is Leila, I’m Moroccan and I’m a travel addict, blogger and history passionate !

I’m a graduate in International Business from Grenoble Ecole de Management and in Applied mathematics from Sorbonne University, and I’m currently following a Specialised Master in quantitative finance and risk management at ENSAE. I am still new to pure data science, but my different trainings allowed me to earn complementary knowledge in finance, mathematics and economics ; with a special highlight on financial inclusion, which was the theme of my Master research project and where I proposed an analysis of the World Bank FINDEX data.

I am mostly interested by the challenge “Communication of financial data to the public”.

I look forward to meeting, discussing and working with you !! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi !
My name is Camille, I’m a French citizen and a second year student at the ENSAE Paristech. I’m interested in datascience, finance and international institutions.

During the challenge, I could bring my programming skills (mostly in Python) and my data analysis skills.

My favorite challenges is “Communication of Financial data to the public” but I’m ready to work on everything. :slight_smile:

Look forward to meeting you all ! :slight_smile:


Hey Everbody!

My name is Rob, I am a Canadian, living and working in Ottawa. I founded the Open Data Institute Ottawa node, help run Data for Good Ottawa and help coordinate Civic Tech Ottawa. I am also the co-chair of the Canadian Open Government Partnership Multi-Stakeholder Forum and an unabashed advocate for the Open Contracting Partnership so…

my favorite challenge is Transparency of Major International Events Budgets

If I have a superpower, it would probably my ability to spot and connect disparate projects that really should be coordinating their activities.



Hello everyone !

My name is Zakaria, I am a double degree student at ENS Paris-Saclay and ENSAE Paristech.
I sincerely think that with AI and a bunch of benevolent people we can change the world for the better.
I’m eager to share my skills in Python, Data Science and Economics to tacle all those chalenges with you.
I have no strict preferences and really ready to work on any of them.

Looking forward to meeting, learning and working with you all !