How to submit a project?


To ensure time is well spent during the hackathon, it is crucial that project ideas are submitted online before you start. This will ensure team will quickly assemble and get to work on concrete issues.

To submit your idea post a message on this board, Please make sure your post contains these specific information:

  • Title of the Project : title of your post
  • Idea owner: … (probably you)
  • Project idea in couple of sentences (Elevator pitch) :
  • The story behind the project: why are you specifically interested by this issue?
  • Available datasets used: if already identified
  • Challenge relevance: select one of the 4 challenges
  • You can also add team members if relevant

We will create posters based on your project ideas which will be printed and displayed in the hackathon space. You will present your idea at the beginning of the hackathon and participants will join your team by signing in on the poster.



Name of my project is corruptiondetector.
Let me start by introducing the NGO that I represent-TI Georgia.
Our aim is to Support building and empowering state institutions, Develop good governance and the rule of law,
Ensure transparency and accountability of state institutions,Fight corruption on national level.

For these purposes we have created several websites:
CompanyInfo- is built on the basis of the official Business Registry run by the National Agency of Public Registry (

What can user find on site?
•Links between ownership and stakeholders of companies
•Detailed info about companies and stakeholders
•Including full business documentations provides the public with an in-depth look at government spending in Georgia by making detailed information about state procurement available.

The data is scrapped from the Competition and State Procurement Agency’s online procurement platform.

•Total value of tenders won
•Number of tenders the supplier bid on and number won
•Top three competitors; the companies who most commonly bid against this company
•Visualization of tenders won by the supplier, grouped CPV code
•Timeline of tenders won and their value
•Corruption risk analyzes
Note: Corruption risk analyzes does not necessarily mean that there actually were any irregularities in this tender.

Political contains information about all donations made to Georgian political parties since 2012.
Website is based on the info accumulated from State Audit Office of Georgia
website also contains information on business interests of political party donors.

Now our goal is to create new platform that will gather information from political donations, companyinfo and tendermonitor into one platform.

Our Aim:

•To monitor and detect possible corruption risks based on different analytical logics
•Gether data in one application
•Create strong analytical algorithms for detecting probable corruptions and interlinks.


Hello gagosh,

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