Financial Climate Data


Title of the project

Financial Climate Data - Adaptation to public
We are still working to improve the title of our projet.

Project idea (elevator pitch)

It is an interactive platform for monitoring the management of climate finance in countries highly affected by the consequences of climate change.
The platform aims to inform the public about the commitments made by different countries to fight against climate change, the amounts of funding as well as projects related to the fight against climate change to be financed in low-income countries.
The public will be able to participate in a better monitoring of the use of these financings by sending information on the respect of States’ commitments, the progress of the implementation of these projects and their impact on the life’s communities.

After team work, we decided to focus on Adaptation Funds to fight against climate Change in Vulnerable countries.

The aim of our project is to create a tool for public ( an application) where we could better communicate on Adaptation funds to fight against Climate Change. Through this tool, public will search for country, project, funds available for the project, the level of the vulnerability of the country.
Nevertheless, we will use a clear presentation, thanks to comparison, effect of the lack of finance for communities life, etc

The story behind the project

In sub-Saharan African countries, where we report on the environment and climate change, we find that communities are not usually aware of the amounts allocated to environmental or climate projects designed to improve their daily lives.
This limits their contribution and their participation in the sustainability of these projects.

Available datasets used

Datasets provided by the World Bank Group and others datasets about Climate Finance.

Challenge relevance

** Communication of financial data to the public**


  • Madeleine NGEUNGA
  • Marie ALDER
  • Chloé BEAUDET
  • Jeffrey ARESTY
  • Miki TSUDA

What we need

  • More datasets about funds allocated to Adaptation on Climate Change.
  • Designer

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