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How can we make the olympic procurement process more transparent and understandable?


International sports event like football world cups and olympic and para-olympic games are usually faced with common problems, such as:

  • corruption in the contracting processes and lack of transparency
  • poor citizen engagement
  • businesses distrust
  • little information on how the spending will benefit the affected communities.

In order to mitigate all these risks and to increase the sustainability and legitimacy of the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, special attention must be paid to:

  1. increasing transparency of the procurement process through opening all procurement data;
  2. engaging citizens and affected communities throughout the organization and implementation stages;
  3. generating and disseminating information related to the legacy and the benefits of the games;
  4. promoting government-wide open data efforts to ensure that proper monitoring of the procurement process can be conducted by the media and civil society organizations.
  5. mapping out what types of data is relevant to what sector.