Collaborative (financial) data portal


Title of the project

Financial data portal

Project idea (elevator pitch)

A crowdsourced open data portal dedicated to global finance.

The story behind the project

There is a great need for collaboration to understand financial exchanges. Some organizations do not publish any data, others publish them in esoteric formats or periodicity, and good practices are rare. NGOs, journalists, researchers, citizens are doomed to do a lot of investigations, reconstructions, conversions, crossings of the data. There are many initiatives, but they are scattered, have different goals, and are not always very collaborative. We would like to try to further the collaboration between the various actors, starting with a census of existing or missing data, a kind of crowdsourced portal of financial data, referencing data sets, documents, sources, pending investigations, missing information, etc.

Available datasets used

As many datasets and repositories as possible.

Challenge relevance

  • Communication of financial data to the public




During the hackathon, we:


The project code :


Have you seen the Open Budget Index the IBP makes? It does basically that for government budgets. Although it doesn’t link to the available budgets.

If you want to look at a ranking of how open the gov budgets are you can take a look at

For the standardisation of this kind of data, there’s GIFT and the Open Fiscal Data Package