“Cabrane Paris 2024": gather all relevant data for each construction site in Paris 2024 Olympics


I am not sure if, as the facilitator of the hackathon, I should submit project ideas but I really want to see this idea happening :slight_smile:

Title of the project

Cabrane Paris 2024

Project idea (elevator pitch)

Cabrane is a Tunisian website developed by a civil society association “Association Tunisienne des Contrôleurs Publics” to bring transparency to public construction sites. They show on a map the major Tunisian construction projects and gather all relevant information on each of them: budget, contract, contractors, advancement of the work… They gather data either from public sources or by using Freedom of Information Requests. Could we develop the same website for Paris 2024 by using all available information and requesting what is missing? With Cabrane, we have a concrete exemple of what transparent Olympics would look like.

The story behind the project

I was in jury of Prix Numérique et Transparence and I was amazed by Cabrane. I am so frustrated we don’t have the same website in France.

Available datasets used

  • COJO and SOLIDEO might have data
  • We can use Paris 2024 public information detailing the budget of construction sites.
  • We can use crowdsourcing to ask citizens to send us pictures of projects advancement.

Challenge relevance

Select one of the four challenges:

  • Transparency of major international event budgets